Peace and quiet
Recharge and build up energy after a long day hiking.
Discover Torres del Paine National Park
With our different activities, you can conquer the most exciting destinations of Chilean Patagonia by foot and water.
Incredible landscapes
The park offers breathtaking views to its visitors. Be part of an expedition to magnificently wild places.
Unique adventure
The continuous movement of the glacier creates an ever changing landscape. We will never visit the same rivers, arches, tunnels or hills, because the glacier transforms itself every day, making this a 100% unique experience.
Explore Grey Glacier
After a hike across Grey Glacier’s “nunatak” the view of the glacier with its mesmerizing blue and white hues unfolds before us. Our excursions allow you to walk on the surface of this ice giant and deeply experience its otherworldly scale and beauty.
Highly qualified guides
With Kau you will have at your disposal expert and especializad guides for each activity that we offer. Our team is highly experienced in all aspects of safe adventures in Torres del Paine. Travel safely with us!
Kayak in Grey Lake
This truly amazing adventure explores the eastern face of Grey glacier. This privileged view can only be experienced from the water, where we will quietly glide in our kayaks between the gigantic icebergs.